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01、Introducing talent from multiple channels

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator actively broadens the channel for recruiting talents, adopting the "one push, two walks in, multi-channel" approach to recruit talents. Encourage employees to recommend internally, strengthen the sense of belonging of old employees and the stability of new employees; enter various types of senior talent market, attract all kinds of talents required by enterprises, enter colleges and universities, participate in college graduation exhibitions, negotiate with college talents, Communicate and make two-way choices; In addition, talents are attracted through multiple network channels.

02, People are in place

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator adheres to the employment principle of “the sages are on top, the wise are on the side, the capable are on the center, and the meritorious is on top”. By designing career development plans for employees, it combines the implementation of performance evaluation, education training, rotation training and other systems To create a good employment environment and a healthy competitive incentive mechanism.

03 、 Talent training and common growth plan

Establish a comprehensive training system to enable Guangdong Suzuki employees to develop in an all-round way, focusing on responsibility, honesty, passion, good communication, and refined business, and make a difference in their positions, so that employees and the company can grow together.

The human resources work of Guangdong Suzuki Elevator closely focuses on the company's new round of strategic development planning. It always adheres to human-oriented management, fully respects the value of employees, pays attention to the harmonious development of employees and enterprises, and strives to build Guangdong Suzuki Elevator into a company where employees and enterprises develop together model".

Employee Benefits:

Five insurances: apply for social insurance such as pension, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment and maternity for employees;
Company board and lodging: The company has its own cafeteria, and employees can enjoy reasonable and reasonable breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Departmental funds: Allocate departmental funds on a quarterly basis for internal organizational activities;
Paid holidays: enjoy national legal leave, annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, etc .;
Training: New employee induction training, internal department skills training, and professional management skills training. The company regularly conducts training needs surveys to provide employees with comprehensive training courses;
Holiday gifts: statutory holidays give generous gifts to employees;
Cultural activities: regular organization of annual employee tours, employee evenings, and irregular internal cultural activities;